With considerable regret, your Rotary Club has to announce that we can no longer arrange the annual fireworks display that we have held in the town for many years. The decision has been taken for a variety of reasons.  Primary among them is the financial risk that we have to take in organising the event. The cost of fireworks, lighting, toilets etc. rises inexorably every year and we have to spend over £12,000 before the event. The weather can have an adverse effect on attendance, heightening the risk. Whilst we made a small profit this year, this follows two years when we lost money and broke-even. Only support from sponsors and advertisers has kept the event alive.

Additionally, we can no longer use Marsh Farm. We have learned that the location of the fireworks during the last three years, in close proximity to the animals in Marsh farm, has caused them distress, particularly the loud bangs. That is not something that we can justify. The capacity at Marsh Farm is 6000 across the farm but where the area available for the fireworks event can only hold 3000 people and we need to attract more than that to ensure a profitable event. We have looked at alternative sites, but have been unable to locate anywhere suitable.

Finally, meeting the physical demands of setting up and clearing the display is proving more difficult as members of the club get older. Health and safety requirements add to the burden.

This combination of circumstances has left us with no alternative to making the decision that we can no longer arrange this event in the town. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

Members would like to express their thanks for all the support we have received over the years from the people of the town, from our programme advertisers and from our sponsors. We will continue to run the Swimarathon, our new event, the River Run and the Father Christmas Sleigh to raise the money that enables us to support various Charities and worthwhile local causes. 

We would welcome enquiries from those who might be interested in joining the men of SWF Rotary Club – putting something back into the community.


Mick Fry


Contact Tony Graham, Club PRO at or visit our website